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Friday, January 15, 2010

Handmade Wedding Style Ideas for the Modern Bride

Influenced by current styles and options, modern weddings can be nontraditional, sleek and fashionable. Here are 5 ideas from the Etsy Wedding Team to create a modern style wedding using handmade touches.
Structural Embellishments. In addition putting to embellishments onto a design, modern style also uses embellishments that are part of how the item is made for a very high-end, unique look. For example, in this wedding gown much of the stunning design comes from folds that are part of the dress. {handmade by}

New Functions. Modern style takes a fresh look at what we use and how. In this example the ring pillow is transformed into a handmade ring tray that you can use in your home after the ceremony. {handmade by}

Geometric Patterns. Use them light or bold, either way geometric patterns read very modern. And they are not just for your stationery design, table settings and fabric, such as this purse can have geometric pattern too. {handmade by}

Nontraditional Choices. For modern style in your stationery, look for nontraditional layout, font and embellishment choices. Different formats, such as three-dimensional pieces, or different shapes have a modern feel too. {handmade by}

Simple, Clean Design. The hallmark of modern design is simplicity. That can mean simple shapes or simple adornment, or both. {handmade by}

For more modern wedding ideas, browse the Etsy Wedding Team members on the left.


Bellina Bridal said...

Wow! Lovely! Thank you so much for adding me!!

Ribbonlicious said...

The first picture is awesome, the dress looks so great *_*

Kennady said...

The wedding dress looks so good and different from other wedding dresses. Unlike other wedding dresses, this can be even used for wearing in some other events also. Nice work of the designer