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Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer is a coming Treasury East!

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Summer Wedding Treasury East!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unique Wedding Jewelry

In addition to being beautiful, your wedding jewels can be statement pieces that shows your personal style. From the Etsy Wedding Team, here are 5 ways to add more personal style to your bridal jewelry.

Look Global. Get inspired by traditional designs and motifs from around the world. This design uses gold beads from Bali. {handmade by}

Go Organic. Irregular shapes and designs influenced by nature can complement an outdoor, eco-friendly or intimate gathering. A twig inspires this design. {handmade by}

Try Different Jems. Look for unusual jems for bridal jewelry. For example, this design uses an opal. {handmade by}

Inject Color. A little color when expected can go a long way. These earrings feature red and black which may match your bridesmaid dresses or a sash on your gown. {handmade by}

Shape Up. Even before color, the eye notices shape first. Play with non-circular or square shapes for an eye-catching design. {handmade by}

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Handmade Weddings: Table Numbers

Handmade table numbers can be a fun way to further decorate your reception tables or carry through your wedding theme. From the Etsy Wedding Team here are 4 ways to dress up your table numbers.

Beyond Paper. Go for the unexpected with table numbers made out of unusual materials. Wood, metal or even number labeled wine bottles can be used for table numbers. {handmade by}

New Shapes. Break out of the box, or rectangle, with unique shapes for your table numbers. Circles or unique edging detail will add personality to your reception table design. {handmade by}

Luxe Numbers. Adding dimension with textured paper, patterns, layers and embellishments can also make your table d├ęcor special. {handmade by}

Get Personal. With handmade table numbers you have the chance to personalize your numbers. Add a monogram, your names, wedding date or favorite quote to make your numbers an expression of you. {handmade by}

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Using Your Monogram

Last week the Etsy Team Wedding presented ways to wear your monogram. This week we are featuring 3 ways to make your wedding personal by using your monogram on handmade pieces.

Keep in mind, tradition says that on items before you are married, such as invitations, welcome bags, etc, you use your first names or initials as the monogram. After the ceremony, you can also use the new last name or initial. So your monogram can be different depending on when you are using it.

In Welcome Bags. Personalize welcome bags for your out-of-state guests by including your monogram on the bags or its contents. {handmade by}

As Table Decor. A monogram can be a great way to tie your different table decor pieces together. From the table numbers to menus, and from favors to table runner itself, you can make a huge impact with a simple design. {handmade by}

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wear Your Monogram

From invitations to favor tags, monograms are wonderful ways to tie together your wedding stationery. But your monogram can become even more personal when you wear it. From the Etsy Wedding Team here are 3 ways to wear your monogram:
On your bouquet. Embroidered fabric ribbons can be personalized with your monogram, wedding date or both. Make a bigger statement by including your bridesmaids’ bouquets in coordinating colors. {handmade by}

With your dress. You can keep your monogram close by wearing it as a garter. Save the monogram version for yourself, and use a non-personalized one for your garter toss. Another idea is an embroidered wedding dress label with your monogram, wedding date and/or a special message. {handmade by}

As an accessory. Carry your monogram on your bridal purse, or in it as a handkerchief. Custom or unique embroidery can make it a personal, special piece worthy of passing down through the generations. {handmade by}

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