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Friday, February 19, 2010

Beach Ceremony and Reception Style

The ceremony and reception are often the result of months of preparation. For beach and destination weddings, it can be a fun challenge to blend your style and theme elements into one cohesive day.

Here are five Cs, illustrated by handmade designs by the Etsy Wedding Team, that can help you bring it all together.Color. Not every style choice has to be exactly beach, tropical or water themed. Find beautiful things you love in your color palette and it will still tie together, plus reflect your style. {handmade by}

Casual. One of the big reasons couples choose a beach theme is the desire for a relaxing, personal wedding day with family and friends. To have that wish come true, reinforce it with signs and cues to your guests to relax and enjoy. {handmade by}

Comfort. Warm, sunny days can be perfect wedding weather. Providing water, fans and other comfort items will help guests enjoy the day as much as you. {handmade by}

Clean. For a very modern, timeless take on a beach theme, look for iconic, clean accessories. {handmade by}

Consistent. Including your theme on special touches or unexpected details can tie the overall wedding design together much more. You can often find beach or tropical versions of almost any wedding accessory. And with Etsy, special requests are often welcomed. {handmade by}

For more beach wedding design ideas, browse the Etsy Wedding Team members on the left.


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