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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Handmade Weddings: Table Numbers

Handmade table numbers can be a fun way to further decorate your reception tables or carry through your wedding theme. From the Etsy Wedding Team here are 4 ways to dress up your table numbers.

Beyond Paper. Go for the unexpected with table numbers made out of unusual materials. Wood, metal or even number labeled wine bottles can be used for table numbers. {handmade by}

New Shapes. Break out of the box, or rectangle, with unique shapes for your table numbers. Circles or unique edging detail will add personality to your reception table design. {handmade by}

Luxe Numbers. Adding dimension with textured paper, patterns, layers and embellishments can also make your table d├ęcor special. {handmade by}

Get Personal. With handmade table numbers you have the chance to personalize your numbers. Add a monogram, your names, wedding date or favorite quote to make your numbers an expression of you. {handmade by}

For more handmade wedding style, browse the Etsy Wedding team on the left.


h.Lo said...

How cute! I love how different all of these options are. =)

amber said...

I love those wooden signs by Diane! I bookmarked her esty page. Great find!