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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade Weddings: Layer It On

One of the bonuses of using handmade designs for weddings is the ability to add more dimension to your wedding accessories. Layering is a fun, sophisticated way to add your style to your handmade designs. From the Etsy Wedding Team here are 5 way to use layering to personalize your wedding.

Traditional on Modern. Using traditional or ornate designs like lace over simple shapes makes an elegant, modern statement. {handmade by}

Pattern on Pattern. Depending on what patterns you choose, layering them can give you an elegant, funky or vintage look. {handmade by}

Layer on Color. Layering different colors on your accessories can be an easy way to bring in your wedding accent colors or complement your flowers. {handmade by}

Layers on Layers. You can create a lush look by layering the same shapes on itself. The more elegant the material, the more dramatic the outcome. {handmade by}

The Unexpected. Often seemingly contradictory things can look the most interesting. Soft on hard textures, feminine on masculine shapes and other combinations can make wonderful conversation starters. {handmade by}

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