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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Results of our #HaitiRelief fundraising efforts

As many of you know on January 12, 2010 Haiti was devastated by an Earthquake. The Etsy Wedding Team came together to raise money to help the people of Haiti. The members of this team generously donated items, and shipping costs; and these items were sold in our Team Store on Etsy.

As a result of those wonderful donations we were able to raise $564.85!  These funds have been donated to the American Red Cross's Haiti Relif and Development.  Although this is no longer a main stream media topic, Haiti still needs our help.  If at all possible donate to the American Red Cross, Unicef, or any other established reputable charity organization that will get the money to where it is needed ASAP.  The American Red Cross has a minimum donation amount of $10.00, and Unicef is $50.00. 

Every dollar counts;  If every reader of our blog donates $10.00 we can raise $4,000.00 in minutes!

I would like to give a special thanks to Melissa of Design Circus.  She created all of the artwork for the team shop, (as well as all of our giveaway artwork) and helped me to list the 50+ items that were donated by our team members.  Also a big thanks to Shelli of Monde Design, and the Garter Maker.  Her wedding dress labels were our biggest seller, and she kept allowing me to relist them which was extremely generous of her.  Last but not least, a huge thanks to the entire Etsy Wedding Team for making this all possible.

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