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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Spotlight With: heknowsmyname

Today's Monday Spotlight features Kay Kwon from @heknowsmynamesh.

A few tidbits about Kay Kwon:

Kay Kwon's favorite color White.  "There are thousands kinds of beautiful white's that exist." : Kay got married in Dec 2008.  After that she became involved in bridal headpiece design and got thousands of ideas for one of a kind weddings. Now she wants to have 3-4 different theme wedding ceremonies for herself, but with same guy! :P

Her favorite shop on etsy is haveitconfections. "I have ordered Marshmellows and Caramels(already!) three times. It's pretty pricey but others cannot go against them!

You can learn more about Kay and He Knows My Name by following the links below.


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