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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday Spotlight with: Pomtree

Today's spotlight features Chloe from Pomtree.

A few tidbits about Chloe:
She is located in Toronto, and her favorite color is Chartreuse.  "I am expecting my first child in May of 2011, and have spent the last 2 months with intense sour ball cravings."  Chloe's favorite shop on Etsy is Boopsie Daisy "a talented fellow Canadian, I marvel at her creativity, imagination, and professionalism. I love Missy!"

Chloe is running the following sales:
Sets of 20 poms for 60 USD
Free worldwide shipping on sets of 50 poms
*Please note, this sales are in Chloe's original shop MySillyBear

You can learn more about PomTree by following the links below:


MiMi said...

It's so cute. Are there also sales on materials for wedding invitations?

Anonymous said...

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