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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stylish Invitations: An interview with Peacock Printing

This weeks interview features Erica from Peacock Printing.  Erica is located in Rochester, New York.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born and raised in Rochester, New York. After college, where I majored in English but took so many art classes that I ended up with two minors by accident (studio art and art history), I went to work for a bank. This left me wishing that I had chosen a career that would allow me to be a bit more creative. I love designing wedding invitations and am thrilled to have found my niche! I am recently married (June, 2010) and have two wonderful rescue cockapoos, Dexter (age 3) and Herbie (age 11). I am known for posting pictures of them everywhere so keep an eye out for my puppies!  There is nothing I don't love about weddings, and one of the things that I pride myself on with my customers is making sure that their invitations do not become a part of their wedding stress.

What special things do you create for weddings?
I make wedding invitations, which I believe are one of the most special things about weddings. When you think about it, the invitations are the guests' first impression of the event, of all the planning that has gone into it.  They set the tone for the entire wedding. And many people (including myself!) keep one to frame so that they will always have a keepsake of that feeling.  I make them extra special by customizing them on a case by case basis, and always allowing my brides to keep tweaking until they are perfect.

Who or what sparked your interest in making wedding-related items?
I spent a long time looking for wedding invitations for my own wedding. I was not completely satisfied with anything I was finding, so I thought I would do it on my own. I had a peacock themed wedding, and found etsy after a bunch of internet searching.  And (with some help from craft stores and a few other etsy shops) they turned out great! I thought, hey, I can do this, and opened my etsy shop. Within a week I had made my first sale. And then it just took off from there!

What is a little known fact, or something unique about your work that is interesting?
I have absolutely zero professional training in graphic design. I had to teach myself printing and graphic design lingo, computer software programs, and I sought advice from other etsy sellers. I was pretty much on my own!

If you are married, what’s the one thing you wish you had for your wedding that you didn’t?
I wish I had the wonderful print shop that I use now! I printed all of my wedding invitations on the color printer at work (shhh!) and although they turned out great, I would have liked to be able to really get the beautiful jewel tones that peacocks are known for just right, and to be able to print on paper that was a bit thicker. It also would have been nice to have someone else cut them for me!

What is your favorite wedding song?
Make You Feel My Love, performed by Adele. An old Bob Dylan song that's just lovely.

What trends do you see happening in your specialty at the moment?
"A lot of DIY is popping up now. People are trying to save money everywhere they can, which is great! Hopefully that will inspire other people to start creating things on their own - even if they need a little help getting started.  Of course invitations are also getting more modern. Brighter. More couples are hosting their own weddings, so they feel more freedom to really go nuts with their invitations. It keeps me challenged, so I love it."

What is your favorite part of the wedding journey?
The night before my wedding was the greatest single day of my life. Looking over all the details that I had spent so much time putting together, there was nothing left to stress about (the following day, however, is a COMPLETELY different story!!), and I was surrounded by my best girlfriends, just reflecting on the fact that so many people had come to show me that they loved me and supported me, some from many states away and some from down the block. It was awesome.

What advice can you share for all the brides getting married this year?
Don't sweat the details. The little pearls that go in the flower centerpieces are the wrong color? Nobody will even notice. Your wedding day really is all about you and the person you are marrying, and that is all anyone will be paying attention to. Just remember to breathe and take a minute to enjoy it. It will be over before you know it!

What is your perfect honeymoon spot?
I love to travel, so pretty much anywhere I haven't already been. New places, new cuisines, I love it all. I honestly would be just as happy sipping my drink at the swim-up bar as I would be hunting down the best sushi in Tokyo in January.

If you could pick anyone famous that would purchase your items for their wedding, who would they
This is a really good question, but a hard one because I am obsessed with celebrities!  I would probably have to say Martha Stewart, not only because I love her, but because how flattering would it be if Martha-frickin-Stewart wanted YOUR invitations?!

If you could choose 1 item from your shop that you wish every bride could have, what would it be?
A set of thank you cards. I know I don't have them individually listed, but they're available. Pick a design, one that doesn't have to be wedding specific, and keep a set of 25 in a drawer somewhere. They are perfect to show someone that you appreciate them as much as they appreciate you.

What are some of your favorite shops on Etsy, wedding or otherwise?
I have so many favorite shops! There is so much talent out there, and it is so varied that it's hard to pick just a few. But here are a few handfuls that I find myself returning to over and over to see what they've got:

sweeteverythings, annemichelleheirlooms, yogagoat, CameraSHYphotography, masaoms, designcircus, ThePoshEvent, concarta, myblackdress, 3squares, DeLaCruz, whiskerworks, VieModerne, ayawedding.

Do you have a website, blog, where we can read more about you and your work?
"Yes! My website is still pretty new, so it's being updated pretty regularly (web design is also something I had to teach myself!) so keep checking back every once in a while for all sorts of new fun additions (and the occasional contest).


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