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Friday, March 19, 2010

Beyond the Bouquet: Modern Florals for Handmade Weddings

When most people think “wedding”, they think “flowers”. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t new, modern ways to use flowers in your wedding style. From the Etsy Wedding Team here are 5 modern floral ideas for handmade weddings that go beyond the bouquet.Try Iconic. Simple is modern. So by using one or just a few iconic flowers, you can make a design impact in a very modern way. {handmade by}

Use Pattern. Not your traditional floral pattern, another take on modern floral is to use an iconic flower design repeatedly in a pattern. The key to making it modern is simple lines, and not too much detail. {handmade by}

Go Large. Flowers can be quite dramatic. To make a statement using florals, try using a few of them very large. {handmade by}

Color it Bold. Bold or dark colors in florals instantly read modern. For maximum statement pair dark colors with light ones and bold colors with paler ones. {handmade by}

For more style ideas for handmade weddings, browse the Etsy Wedding Team members on the left.


Micah said...

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