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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Handmade Wedding Theme: Birds

Birds can be a perfect theme for weddings. Weddings do center around love birds after all. From the Etsy Wedding Team, here are five ways to incorporate birds into your wedding style.

Iconic Birds. With a bird theme you can use birds as a large graphic element, or as part of a larger design as seen in this wedding invitation. {handmade by}

Nests. Play off the idea of birds by incorporating nests. From alternative ring pillows to jewelry there are many ways to use nest designs during your ceremony and reception. {handmade by}

Feathers. Both whimsical and elegant, feathers add texture and dimension to wedding designs. {handmade by}

Bird Seed. For the send off or as wedding favors, bird seed can carry a bird theme to the very end of your wedding. {handmade by}

Peacocks. Great for vintage and elegant weddings, peacocks can be used to add high style to your wedding. {handmade by}

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